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 About Me

For me, being outdoors with a camera is 'walking in wonder.' The shapes, patterns,and colors of the natural world enchant me. I seek to capture the unique quality of flora, fauna, land and sky. At the same time, images from the past haunt me. I alter and arrange vintage photographs, sometimes combining them with other media, to evoke the feeling of memory across time. 


As an American, now that Truth itself is under full-frontal assault, I have been drawn to themes of loss and the grotesque. Through my lens, I see Nature as both more beautiful and fragile than ever, and old dolls and mannequins as potent objects of meaning in an increasingly absurd world.

Limited items are available in the online store; it will be a while before it is fully stocked.  If there is something else you are interested in, please contact me directly to discuss commissions or purchase my photographs as JPG files or in a variety of hard copy formats.

Let's Talk

Email:                                Phone:  857-719-1459

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Photograph by Marla Akin.  McKinney Falls State Park, Austin, TX.

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